All Around Site Services LLC

"Taste the difference!"

Jerod And Erin Kitchel (Owners)

Snohomish, Wa

W: 360-794-2023

C: 425-387-2016


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What we do...

Special Events, Concession Services

Resale, Private Parties, Corporate Events

Fairs, Fund Raisers, Catering, Services Shows,

And more!

Some comments from our customers!

"We were at the company of BDA assisting with an event; hosted by one of their employees. She had big bags of popcorn, which turned out to be kettlecorn! I asked where did she get it as I am in the market for a new contact! Guess who it was! Yes indeed, it was your very own All Around Site Services! It was the best I have ever had! Perfectly sweet and salty! I can tell you, not much was left upon our departure! So, I was hooked before I knew it!" - Cheryl J.

 "I had some of your kettle corn yesterday and it is the best I have ever tasted!" - Eden N.

 "Thanks Jerod - you really made the evening. The smell of kettle corn is delicious!" - Rebecca M.

"We are loving the weather and thanks again for your excellent (and delicious) service!" - Terri F.

"We LOVED it! Everyone in the office was buzzing about the perfect kettle corn - not too salty and just enough sweet! Success!!! Thank you for being so flexible and working with us!" - Megan M.

"Thanks Jerod! The event went well and everyone loved it!" - Denise S. - The City Church

"CKC was very helpful and they did a great job! They were a special addition to our carnival that was enjoyed by all!" - Mindi G. - Cathcart Elementary, Snohomish